How would you optimize your seasonal product campaign on Amazon to increase

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    Jacob Craig

    Suppose you are managing a PPC campaign for a seasonal product on Amazon. Your product is highly seasonal, and you only sell it during a specific time of the year. You have been running the campaign for a few weeks, and you notice that your conversion rate is lower than expected, despite the high search volume for your product during the season. You decide to optimize your campaign to increase conversions.

    How would you optimize your seasonal product campaign on Amazon to increase conversions, and what strategies would you use to ensure that your campaign performs well during the limited sales window?

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      Anna Norah

      1: For the seasonal products, you have to find out those keywords that are most relevant to your products and then target them into your campaigns with high bidding and also set placements for the “Top of Search” to show your ad on top of the page. So your relevant customers find out about the product promptly.

      2: Also, find out the complementary products that you like. If you are selling “strawberry seeds,” you can target the “strawberry planters” products to get sales from them. It is obvious that if someone is buying strawberry planters, he may also need strawberry seeds.

      3: You can use promotions and coupons on your listing to attract customers, or you can add gifts.

      Robert John

      For the seasonal products you need to do high bidding with placements as well. To improve the conversion rate of your campaign target complement products of your item, it will increase your conversion rate.

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