I am brand owner but facing issue to remove another seller from listing

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    Stella George

    We have registered our brand with Amazon and obtained a trademark for our brand name through USPTO. However, we have encountered a situation where someone is selling products under our listing. It’s important to note that we created this original listing using our trademarked brand name, which is registered with the brand registry.

    When attempting to report the trademark violation through our Brand Registry account, we have encountered a limitation that prevents us from submitting the report without making a test purchase first. I would like to confirm whether this test purchase is necessary or if there is something I may be overlooking. As a precautionary measure, I have already made the test purchase, but the expected delivery date is scheduled for June 7, and there is uncertainty whether the seller will even ship the item. Meanwhile, they continue to lower the price each time I try to match it, so time is of the essence.

    I had previously believed that having a trademark and brand registry would provide assistance and protection in such cases of violation.

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