I received an infringement complaint. What should I do now?

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    Jacob Craig

    As an Amazon seller, I received an infringement complaint from a brand owner regarding one of my products. I’m not sure what I should do next. Can anyone provide guidance on how to handle this situation?

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      Certainly! Here are the main headings for handling an infringement complaint from a brand owner as an Amazon seller:

      1. Review the complaint
      2. Evaluate the validity of the complaint
      3. Gather supporting documentation
      4. Contact the brand owner
      5. Take appropriate action
      6. Submit a Plan of Action (POA) to Amazon
      7. Maintain communication with Amazon
      8. Seek legal advice if needed


      If you receive an infringement complaint directly from the brand owner, then you should check the authenticity of the complaint. If you find it exactly as the brand owner is describing then you should take appropriate steps and update your listing accordingly, if the claim of the brand owner is wrong then you can tell them and also can complain to Amazon about the issue.;

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