Is it possible to expedite the shipping of an Amazon order?

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    Suppose buyer placed an order on Amazon for a last-minute gift for his friend’s birthday. However, he just realized that the estimated delivery date is after the birthday party. Is it possible to expedite the shipping of the Amazon order to ensure it arrives on time to the buyer? How much extra will it cost to expedite the shipping? Can byer select a specific delivery date and time? If the package still arrives late, will Amazon provide a refund or replacement?

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      Yes, you can expedite the shipping of an Amazon order by changing the shipping speed in your order details or selecting an expedited shipping option during checkout, if available. Some items may not be eligible for expedited shipping.

      John Aly

      Yes, it is possible to choose expedite shipping on an Amazon order to ensure that it will reach its destination on time. Customers may do this by choosing the expedited shipping option at checkout time or by requesting expedited shipping by calling Amazon customer support. It is possible that the fater shipping charges will apply.

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