My account has been suspended. What should I do to appeal the suspension

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    Jacob Craig

    As an Amazon seller, I received a notification email that my account has been suspend for breaking amazon’s policy guidelines, please help me on writing a good appeal so I can get this suspension revoked.

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      You have to find the reason why your listing has been removed and then remove the triggered keyword, or maybe they needed any certifications so you have to provide them to make your listing active.


      1:Review the reason for the policy violation and understand why your listing was removed.
      2:Make necessary changes to your other listings to avoid further policy violations.
      3:Submit an appeal with a detailed explanation and supporting documentation if you believe the removal was unjustified.
      4:Monitor your account health regularly and stay informed on any policy updates or changes to maintain good standing on Amazon.

      Barden John

      Check the reason why your seller central account is suspended by Amazon, then file a complaint with them, explain the problem you’re having, and write a compelling appeal to get your account returned. Be sure to include all necessary documentation and provide Amazon with solid evidence for your appeal.


      To appeal a suspension of your Amazon account:

      1-Review the suspension notice and understand the reason.
      2-Assess the cause of the suspension and make necessary changes.
      3-Plan your appeal, taking responsibility and providing a detailed explanation.
      4-Contact Amazon Seller Support for guidance.
      5-Submit a concise and persuasive appeal, outlining the steps taken to address the issue.
      6-Monitor and respond promptly to any communication from Amazon.

      Working closely with Seller Support improves your chances of successfully appealing the suspension.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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