My entire inventory was taken by Amazon and categorized as reserved

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    Stella George

    All of my FBA inventory on multiple listings was recently removed by Amazon and placed into reserved status. Consequently, the listings now indicate zero availability, and Amazon has deactivated them, preventing any purchases. This morning, one particular ASIN had an inventory of over 10,000 units, but it has now been reduced to zero and is no longer available for purchase.

    How to solve this problem

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      Anna Norah

      If your inventory is in reserved status, it will be removed from reserved status within 7 days. There are 3 reasons why your listings are in reserved status: 1 is FC transfer (it means your inventory is transferred to any other warehouse), 2 is FC processing (it means Amazon is investigating your inventory within the Amazon warehouse), and 3 is customer orders. So, you have to first check the reasons why your inventory is in reserved status, then create a case with Amazon to remove your inventory from reserved status, and Amazon will give you the reason why it is in reserved status.


      If your entire inventory has been categorized as “reserved” by Amazon, contact Amazon Seller Support immediately to inquire about the reasons and seek guidance on resolving the issue.

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