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    Stella George

    I was wondering if anyone here knows what’s happening with the Lightning Deals recommendations. Since June i am not able to create any Deals on US, and i get nothing form the seller support. Does anyone know how to solve it.

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      You have to check Lightning Deals requirements on amazon which are:_
      Eligible products are automatically displayed in the Eligible ASINs section of the Deals Dashboard when they meet the following criteria (subject to change based on country and time of year):

      Quality: Products must have a sales history in Amazon stores and at least a 3-star rating.
      Product variations: Deals should include as many product variations as possible (for example, size, color, and style). For some products, such as clothing and shoes, at least 65% of variations should be included in the deal. The pre-determined minimum percentage of product variations is specified when you create the deal.
      Category: Restricted products and products that are offensive, embarrassing or otherwise inappropriate are not eligible. Examples of ineligible items include e-cigarettes, alcohol, adult products, medical devices, medicines, and baby formula.
      Fulfillment method: Products must be Prime-eligible in all states including Puerto Rico. You can choose either Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) or Seller Fulfilled Prime in Shipping Settings.
      Condition: Only items in new condition are eligible for deals.
      Seller Feedback Rating: You must receive a minimum of five ratings per month and have at least an overall 3.5-star rating.
      Return Rate: Products with high return rates will be ineligible for deals.


      Check the eligibility for the lightening deals, if your product is not eligible then you won’t receive the recommendations


      Yes you can check the Deals dashboard, click create a new deal here you can see if amazon recommended the lightning deals on your products else not recommended as well if haven’t show any recommendation.


      this could db due to low traffic o your listing and your listing is not yet retail ready, make sure to check the retail ready listing requirement for Amazon and make yourself eligible for the lightening deal.

      Andy Smith

      When your listing is eligible for a lightning deal Amazon will automatically recommend you to run the deal.


      There are eligibility criteria might your product is not eligible for a lightning deal yet that’s why Amazon not recommending you a lightning deal.
      Recommendations are dynamic and change weekly.

      This Time Too Shall Pass
      Barden John

      There is an eligibility criteria for running a lighting deal on Amazon:

      Your product must be in new condition.
      Your product must be Prime-eligible in all US states.
      Your product must not be restricted.
      You must have a professional seller account.
      You must have a seller rating of 3.5+ stars.

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