What are common tips for optimizing the title Bullet points and descriptions ?

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    john wick

    I want to rank my product Can you please let me know about the guidelines or tips for optimizing product titles, bullet points, and product descriptions for better ranking?

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      Robert John

      First, do keyword research using Amazon Brand Analytics or other 3rd party tools like Helium 10, Jungle Scout, Merchatword, etc. Then do a competitor’s analysis that how they wrote titles, bullet points, and descriptions. If you are brand registered use A+ content instead of a simple description.
      Start writing your title with your brand name and add 3 to 4 super-relevant keywords with high search volume in the title. Your title should be under 200 characters.
      For the bullet points add material in the first bullet, in the next 3 bullets ad features of the product, and in 5th bullet write care, etc. And try to use keywords in them. Each bullet point must be lower than 500 characters.


      Step 1: Conduct thorough keyword research utilizing Amazon Brand Analytics and powerful third-party tools like Helium 10, Jungle Scout, Merchatword, etc.
      Step 2: Perform a comprehensive analysis of your competitors’ listing strategies, paying attention to their titles, bullet points, and descriptions.
      Step 3: If you’re brand registered, leverage A+ content to elevate your product presentation instead of using a simple description.
      Step 4: Craft your title by incorporating your brand name and 3-4 super-relevant keywords with high search volume, keeping it under 200 characters.


      Guidelines would be to avoid using any copyrighted text, or abusive/prohibited words, just avoid these and you’re good to go, now of course there are limitations to how many characters you can use in the title or bullet point, best practice would be to do good keyword research, and put those into listing builder in Helium10, it will help you determine if your content is good enough by scoring it.

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