What are the benefits of enrolling in Amazon Brand Registry?

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    What are the benefits of enrolling in Amazon Brand Registry, and how can it help protect my brand on the platform?

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      Anna Norah

      Enrolling in Amazon Brand Registry can provide several benefits for brand owners, including: (Stores, Customer Reviews, Video Shopping, Subscribe & Save, Amazon Live, Post, Manage Your Customer Engagement, A+ Content, Vine, Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Display, Brand Analytics, Virtual Bundles, Transparency, Amazon Attribution, Brand Referral Bonus etc. ) You can use all these tools and programs by enrolling in Amazon Brand Registry.

      Anna Norah

      To be eligible for Amazon Brand Registry, you must meet the following criteria:

      1: You must have an active registered trademark for your brand in the countries where you want to enroll in the program.
      2: You must have an Professional Amazon account.
      3: You must have the ability to verify yourself as the owner of the brand or have an agent who can verify on your behalf.
      4: You must have an accurate list of product categories and associated ASINs for your brand.

      To apply for Amazon Brand Registry, follow these steps:

      -> Go to the Amazon Brand Registry homepage and click the “Enroll” button.
      -> Sign in to your Amazon account.

      Provide the following information:

      * Your brand name
      * Your registered trademark number(s)
      * The countries where your brand is registered
      * Your product categories and associated ASINs
      * Verify yourself as the brand owner by providing additional information such as your company name, address, and contact details.
      * Submit your application.

      Once you’ve submitted your application, Amazon will review your information and verify your eligibility for the program. The process typically takes a few days, but it can take longer in some cases.


      Enrollment in Amazon Brand Registry offers multiple advantages for brand owners, which can be accessed through various tools and programs. These benefits include:

      1. Stores
      2. Customer Reviews
      3. Video Shopping
      4. Subscribe & Save
      5. Amazon Live
      6. Post
      7. Customer Engagement Management
      8. A+ Content
      9. Vine
      10. Sponsored Brands
      11. Sponsored Display
      12. Brand Analytics
      13. Virtual Bundles
      14. Transparency
      15. Amazon Attribution
      16. Brand Referral Bonus

      using the Transparency program and also the rights to your trademark can help you protect your brand against counterfeits.


      Some of the benefits we get from registering a brand name are as follows:
      1. Sponsored Brands & Sponsored Display Campaigns.
      2. Storefront & A+ Content.
      3. Vine Enrollment
      4. Customer reviews
      5. Virtual Bundles
      6. Video Shopping
      7. Live streaming
      8. Amazon Attribution
      9. Brand Referral Bonus
      10. Amazon Post

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