What are the costs and fees associated with using Amazon MCF?

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    What are the costs and fee differences between Amazon MCF and other fulfillment services like FBA for handling order fulfillment on non-Amazon sales channels?

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      David Ashan

      There are some variances between the two services’ pricing and fees. You will be responsible for paying storage fees, order handling fees, and shipment expenses while using FBA. The quantity and volume of your inventory determines the storage costs, whereas the size and weight of the items being transported determines the order handling and shipping costs. A referral fee is also levied by Amazon for each product that is sold on its marketplace.

      There are no order management or referral fees with MCF, but you will be charged for storage and shipment. The shipment costs for MCF are determined by the carrier, shipping method, and destination, while the storage costs are the same as for FBA.

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