What are the steps to reinstate an amazon selling account?

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    John Wiz

    My selling account is suspended and I want to reinstate it can anyone help me to get my account back?

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      There are a lot of reasons that Amazon can suspend the seller account. Like copyright or order defect rate etc. So first thing you have to know about why amazon block you account. This is so that Amazon can learn if you are aware of the reasons for their account blocking.
      Once you understand the reason or issue then make a POA ( Plan of Action ). How you will remedy the issues to reinstate the account or which steps you follow to remove the issues which amazon required to get back your account.
      Some points in the POA are need to implement before submitting the appeal so make sure you follow those. Try to keep plan of action to the point and simple. Avoid creating stories or emotional wordings.
      If there is your fault or mistake admit it even if this was not your intention accept it also assure them this will not going to happen in future.


      First you have to find out the root cause that why Amazon suspended your Account so when you figure out the reason or the issue so just try resolve if the case is severe just resolve this through the Appeal give brief explanation.


      You have to find root cause then create plan of action then Go to Performance in Seller Central and select Account Health. Click Reactivate your account near the top of the Account Health page. To file your appeal, follow the page’s instructions. This could include a strategy or supporting documents. But still, it’s on Amazon to accept or reject your appeal.

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