What Is a GTIN Exemption and How Do You Request One?

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    What Is a GTIN Exemption and How Do You Request One?

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      When you got a GTIN exemption for any category you don’t need any UPC or any kind of GTIN for adding a product.
      To get GTIN exemption you have to go on add product and then scroll down and you will see an option by name of (what is GTIN?) click on learn more then that will take you to seller university you have to scroll down and there will be heading by name of (How to request a GTIN exemption) on the first row of that paragraph you will find (Here) linked button click on that and that will take you to Apply for GTIN exemption in here you have to fill the required category in which you want to get an exemption and add a brand name if have if you don’t have to write generic on that you can add more categories as per required and multiple brands. You may require live images of your products from different angels and amazon can ask you for any documents for that proof. When you got an exemption you can add products without any UPC or any kind of GTIN.


      GTIN is short for Global Trade Item Number. It is a unique product identifier printed underneath an item’s barcode.
      Brands need a Global Standards 1 (or GS1) registered barcode to sell in the marketplace. This is the only way to get a GTIN approved by Amazon.
      Products that do not have an approved GTIN will be removed from Amazon.
      If you’d like to apply for a GTIN exemption, make sure you meet the following requirements:

      Sell products for which the publisher, manufacturer, or brand does not provide a GTIN.
      List items that you make as manufacturer, publisher, or brand, which do not have barcodes.
      Sell product parts that don’t have an ID number.
      List more than one item at once in bundled packs.
      Sell generic products which don’t have a brand name.

      David Ashan

      GTIN stand for global trade item number. to create a listing on amazon you need product identifier , which you have to buy but if you don’t have money to buy the product identifier e.g upc then you can apply for GTIN. In GTIN Exemption you just create the listing without providing the upc. you can apply online for GTIN Exemption you just need to select the category and brand name for that specific product. after this amazon will pprove the request then you will be able to create the listing without upc .

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