What is EPR and where I can get it?

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    I have registered the brand in Germany and listed the product in Germany Market but it requires an EPR number. I don’t know what is EPR and where can I get it.

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      EPR numbers (the LUCID number is the same as far as my knowledge goes) are used for the recycling economy, you can get them by reaching out to an EPR service provider or simply by searching on Google as well.

      John Aly

      The Extended Producer Responsibility is a department regarding packaging and recycling in Germany, it handles the issues about the packaging material. The EPR number is the same as the LUCID registration number. If you want to sell in the German market then you must have to register your brand in the LUCID company, the company will provide you a registration number which will be permitted for you to sell the products in Germany, If you don’t want to register your self in this EPR department then you will violating the German Packaging Act (VerpackG), after that it will not allow you to sell in the German market.


      You can register a LUCID REGISTRATION NUMBER instead which is also necessary so that you don’t need to provide an EPR number. The (EPR) Extended Producer Responsibility is a department related to product packaging and it’s recycling and making sure that the material you are using in the product packaging is recyclable.

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