What is more important factor relevant keyword, category, or the brand itself?

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    Let’s suppose I have a product listed in the right category with the right keywords but the brand is just starting, now 2nd scenario is I have the wrong category, right keywords and the brand is mediocre, lastly, both category and keywords are all wrong but we have a huge brand, what is the most beneficial situation what are the factors for that and why should we go for that?

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      Anna Norah

      Hey Riz,
      In the first case, when you have the right keywords and the right category but your brand is in its initial state, it would cause you hurdles to getting sales because you don’t have any reviews, etc., and customers trust brands more as compared to local sellers. But you have chosen the right keywords and category. Whenever you get orders, you will be ranked in that category, and your brand will be built automatically.

      In the second case, when you have the right keywords and the brand is mediocre but your category is wrong, you will get orders through keywords that you have targeted to the category, as such didn’t cause any hurdle for you, and you will rank according to the sales of your product in that category, but you will not rank in the actual category of your product.

      In the third case, when you have both category and keywords wrong but you have a huge brand, maybe you will get some orders, but mostly you will get spent on your listing because customers are searching for another product. Maybe they will see your product and click on it, but they are not sure if they will buy your product because your product is not their need. They are searching for another product whose keywords that you have targeted in your listing. 

      Relevant keywords, category, and brand are all important in their own right, in my opinion.

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