What is the best way to enhance sales on Amazon FBA for new PL products?

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    I have just launched a product on Amazon and I am facing too much difficulty in driving traffic to my listing. Can someone suggest me how I can drive more traffic and enhance sales? I am already running PPC campaigns so suggest me something other than PPC.

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      If you are already running PPC Campaigns then you should try with promtions,deals and coupons and also you need off Amazon marketing as well to get traffic and boost your sales

      Anna Norah

      Create storefront for your account and run brand campaigns
      create posts for your product using amazon posts feature if you have registered brands
      you can also run amazon attribution campaigns to increase the traffic on your product through advertising off the Amazon
      Run coupons or promotions on your product
      Enroll in vine to get some authentic reviews on your product
      You can run customer engagement campaign which are like email marketing within the Amazon


      There are a lots of ways to drive traffic to your listing other than PPC like:

      1- Off Site Promotions
      2- Promotional Websites
      3- Coupons and Promotion on Amazon
      4- Create Storefront


      If you are new on amazon and launched a new product then definitely you will have to face a lot of difficulties to get traffic and sales on the listing.
      If you are brand registered then you can create a storefront for your account and you can create post of your product.
      you can create coupons, promotions, and discounts on your product that are the best way to attract customers on your listings.
      Go OFF SITES marketing and use brand referral bonus as well.
      Run video campaign

Viewing 3 reply threads
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