what is the best why to source product on alibaba?

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    David Ashan

    I want to know, what is the best way to source product on Alibaba. because I will launch product in amazon, I don’t know how can source product on Alibaba.

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      Alibaba is well known and reliable website to source the products. But you have to keep in mind some points to avoid the risk of fraud. Always check the supplier have the
      1.Trade Insurance
      2.Verified supplier
      3.Check the sample before ordering the large quantity.
      4.Supplier response in less then 1 hour.
      5.Get the quotations from different supplier according to your product and gather the data which is cost effective with quality then order to that supplier for large quantity.


      Alibaba is a reputable and well-known website for source things. To reduce the possibility of fraud, however, there are some things you need to remember. Make sure your suppliers have
      1. Trade Insurance.
      2. Verified vendor
      3. Examine the sample before placing an order for a significant number.
      4. The supplier responded in under an hour.
      5. Request quotes from many suppliers in relation to your goods, compile information on which quotes are the most affordable while maintaining quality, and then place a bulk purchase with that source.


      Alibaba is a trusted and well-known website for finding products to buy. However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind to lessen the likelihood of fraud. 2. Trade Insurance from your vendors, please.
      2. a reputable vendor
      3. Examine the sample before ordering a sizable quantity.
      4. It took the supplier under an hour to respond.
      5. Obtain quotations for your products from a variety of providers. After determining which quotes are the most reasonable while keeping quality, make a bulk order with that supplier.

      Esra bale

      You should check that the supplier is an experienced seller.
      Go for verified suppliers on Alibaba.
      You should also do trade assurance to make your payment transaction secure.

      Andy Smith

      Alibaba is a trusted and well-known website for finding products to buy.
      Before sourcing, you must check that the Manufacturer is a Verified seller, offers trade assurance, and has years of experience.

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