What is the product eligibility to enroll in the amazon handmade?

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    John Wiz

    If I want to enroll my products in amazon handmade what is the product eligibility for it?

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      The product eligibility criteria are as follows:
      -Product needs to be designed and made by you.
      -Production should be done using hand tools or light machinery.
      -Hand altered.
      -Upcycling or upgrading.

      these are the things that Amazon allows.


      Amazon’s handmade product eligibility criteria are the following:

      Products must be designed and produced by you.
      made with hand tools and light machinery are allowed if used by individuals in their homes, studio, or workspace.
      Hand-altered, pre-made items are acceptable. For example, application of your own designs to drinkware, and tea towels.
      Upcycling, or taking a used item and improving its value through refinement or upgrade is allowed. For example, painting or refinishing a table.
      Repurposing, or taking an item and using it or its component parts or pieces for something entirely new or different, is allowed. For example, creating a bowl out of an old vinyl record or pillow covers from vintage rugs.

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