What to do if my shipment is cancelled by Amazon but client has already sent inv

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    David Ashan

    I created a shipment and provided box labels to the client, he has sent the shipment but before I enter tracking ids, shipment was cancelled by Amazon. Will I still be able to receive this shipment?

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      Hi David. In this situation you have to contact your supplier either they have warehouse in that country where you shipped the inventory if yes then they gonna collect the shipment from dock and store in their warehouse then you have to create the new shipment and provide the box label to them. In send from address you put the address for that warehouse might be they charge you for their services.
      If your supplier do not have any link warehouse then you can get the service from 3PL for that country by google it. You negotiate the rate with them and send the shipment there. After getting the box labels from you they will send the inventory to Amazon fulfillment centers.


      There can be different scenarios, first, you can talk to Amazon regarding the shipment and Amazon might say that they will accept the shipments. The 2nd step you can do is that contact the client and see if they can contact the shipping company and can stop the shipment, so you can send again with new box labels

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