When VAT obligations are triggered if we store inventory in any EU country?

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    Kallis Roy

    If Amazon distributes stock in PAN EU , then when does Amazon asks to register for VAT for the country where stock is distributed?

    For example, if I am VAT registered in 4 of EU counties but not in Poland but allowed amazon to store stock in Poland through FBA Storage. Now Amazon has split stock in Poland but when they will ask me to go for VAT registration?

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      Anna Norah

      Kallis, when your inventory is reached in the Poland warehouse and it is available for selling, Amazon will ask you for the Poland VAT registration, and you have to provide it. Otherwise, you can’t sell in Poland without providing VAT.


      No, Amazon will ask you for Poland VAT and you have to provide it otherwise you are unable to sell in Poland


      You must submit the Poland VAT that Amazon requests if you want to sell in Poland otherwise you will not be allowed to.

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