Why do you choose FBM instead of having your own store website?

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    This is to those who sell on amazon as FBM. I want to ask what your reason is for doing FBM instead of having your own online store via shopify?

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      FBM gives retailers more control and predictability over their fulfilment and inventory management processes. Logistics know-how and effective operations can help sellers increase their overall profitability. In terms of customer service, sellers also have more influence over the experience of the customer.


      This is pretty easy, Amazon has traffic already, you need to advertise, SEO, and sell your product through their channel, while on Shopify it is a bit more than that you have to generate traffic, advertise, SEO, etc. which then will convert into a sale, so this is a bit intimidating for the new seller or people who don’t understand these things, will eventually go for Amazon in the start, however, if someone has an established brand they can sell on their website or Shopify store, as this is more helpful toward the brand building aspect of your brand.


      Amazon already has traffic, you only do advertisement through PPC and Amazon posts, whereas if you launch your own website you will have to bring traffic to it, it will take time to build the trust of customers, however people already trust in Amazon, they will give preference to Amazon

      John David

      No doubt, amazon already having a huge traffic and you have a lot of facilities here, having your website is also important, but if you have your own warehouse and can afford all the fulfilment expenses you should go with amazon FBM, you have an option to rank your product on different keywords you have an option to advertise the product and many more, having your website is also important, but doing FBM beside will be the plus point and defiantly give your business a boost.

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