Why I am unable to withdraw money from my account?

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    Jacob Craig

    I have 500 USD in my account from the amazon and it has been cleared at the payment tab but i am still unable to withdraw the amount why is this happening, can someone explain please.

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      Anna Norah

      From my understanding, there are four reasons why it could be:

      1. Check Your chargeback method is approved. -Settings > Payment Information > Charge MethodCheck
      2. check that your bank account is verified. – Settings > Payment Information > Bank Account InformationAccount
      3. Verification done or not? -Settings > Business Information > Identity Information
      4. There were insufficient funds at the time of withdrawal.
      If all the above is correct in your account, then call seller support and ask them. If, Seller support can’t help you and didn’t clarify your answer. Then to clarify more open case with subject disbursement issues and explain them. 

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