Why my campaign is active and ad group is delivering but still not impressions ?

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    Kallis Roy

    How I can get impressions, my campaign is running anf have good bids.

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      There can be several reasons for a campaign not getting impressions. Although you have set good bids but there might be a chance that your bids are not competitive as per the bids set by your competitors and so your ad is not appearing in product search pages. The 2nd thing is that your campaign bidding strategy might need to be changed. For example if your campaign bidding strategy is dynamic bids down only then changing it to dynamic bids up & down might help you getting the impressions


      It could be that the keywords themselves have a drop in search volume or maybe other competitors have increased their bids due to which your ads isn’t being shown, also if these things are good to go then should check in the ad group if the product status is showing delivering or not approved, if it’s not approved you can log a case for it and get it fixed.

      John David

      Even the bids are good, there can be several reason for this, as you know the PPC work like auction, and this might be happening that your competitor is running the keywords with aggressive biding and Placement and winning the placement that you have targeted, another reason is that the keyword you have targeted become less in demand and mostly people are not using that keywords, also if all these thing are correct, you can change your biding strategy, if you have run dynamic down only change it to dynamic bid up and down, after doing all of these change, you will must start getting results from the campaign.


      If you are not getting impressions its mean there is high bidding war you should increase the bids more either you can change the bidding strategy or you can set placement to check where you will get impression.

      This Time Too Shall Pass

      It happens when you don’t have a buy box on your listing or you are using lower bids for your targeted match types or keywords.

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