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    Stella George

    I am still having trouble with my shampoo listing. It now is showing “animal” as a theme and still listed as “oil” as paint type.
    I did open a case log they said I could run a full update for my ASIN. This was really confusing to me, I downloaded the category for my ASIN (i think because I do not have the Excel as they suggested, it was pages of what seemed like a million attributes?!

    The other suggestion was to delete my listing and re-list it again. If I do this, will the FBA still recognize my product as the same in the fulfillment center to continue to sell? Will I lose my ratings? I am really lost here. I appreciate your help.

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      No, you won’t be losing rating and all, however, your BSR will be affected which is still better than having wrong stuff on your listings, also use excel for flat files.


      No, you won’t be losing rating and reviews.

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