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How To Convert ASIN To UPC


ASIN (Amazon Product Identification Error) is a unique code given to each product that is being sold on Amazon. This code consists of ten alphanumeric characters that always start with letter ‘B’. ASIN number is a product’s identity on Amazon platform that is displayed when the product is listed. Users can also use ASIN number in Amazon search bar to quickly search for the corresponding product, saving them the trouble to memorize and write down long product names.


UPC (Universal Product Code) is also a unique identification digital code printed on the products. Unlike ASIN, UPC code is a numeric code consisting of 12 numbers. The main difference between UPC and ASIN is the limitation of brands: ASIN codes are exclusive for products being sold on Amazon, whereas the UPC codes are universal, meaning that UPC coded products could be found in every store in the world.

Why are they necessary?

Product Identifiers like ASIN and UPC give a unique identity to each product being sold throughout the world, and it makes it easier for users to search for those products using these identifiers instead of remembering long-winded product names.

Amazon requires each product being listed on its platform to have some sort of unique identifier such as UPC. Amazon uses these codes to check whether the brand name being used in the listing are similar to the ones mentioned in the GS1 database (the biggest database for product barcodes and verifications). This helps Amazon to determine whether the product listing and its creator are trustworthy or not, and it converts that UPC to ASIN code to verified products.

Why convert ASIN to UPC?

Product identifiers are hugely helpful to all retailers because they allow access to helpful features such as product tracking and useful sales data. This data allows retailers and businesses to figure out the prevalent trends in the market, allowing them to introduce their products to targeted audiences.

Amazon provides these helpful sales metrics to all its users who sell on the Amazon platform. These users can enter a product’s ASIN code and gain access to all of that helpful data. However, since ASIN codes only work on the Amazon platform, users cannot search for Amazon ASIN codes on other platforms such as eBay and Walmart. Those platforms do support other unique identifiers though, and since UPC is the world’s biggest product identifier, converting an ASIN code into UPC can enable users to search for those products on platforms other than Amazon as well.

How to convert ASIN to UPC Free

  • ASIN TO UPC Converter

One of the best ASIN to UPC converters also happens to be the easiest to use. Simply open the Algopix’s ASIN to UPC converter free website, enter your ASIN code into the left-hand bar, and click on ‘Convert’. This tool will instantly assign you a matching UPC from ASIN code.

asin to upc converter
  • Enter ASIN Code here.
enter your asin code here
  • Complete the Captcha and click on convert
Complete the Captcha and click on convert
  • Here is yours UPC code.
Here is yours UPC code.
  • Amazon UPC Lookup

Another popular tool that allows users to convert ASIN numbers into UPC codes in the Amazon UPC lookup tool. Simply enter a product’s ASIN number in the relevant field, and this tool will return a suitable UPC code.

  • Turbo Piranha

Turbo Piranha is another notable ASIN to UPC converter, that is used by a large number of people around the world.

  • Barcoderobot

Another famous ASIN to UPC converter is the Barcoderebot. This tool is available for free on the internet and works pretty much the same as any other similar program, in that you enter a product’s ASIN code in the relevant field, and you are assigned a matching UPC code in return.


Q: What is an ASIN?

A: ASIN stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number, which is a unique identifier assigned by Amazon to each product listed on their website.

Q: What is a UPC?

A: UPC stands for Universal Product Code, which is a 12-digit barcode used to identify products in retail stores and other marketplaces.

Q: Why would I need to convert ASIN to UPC?

A: You may need to convert ASIN to UPC if you want to sell your product on a different marketplace or in a physical retail store that requires a UPC.

Q: How do I convert ASIN to UPC?

A: There are various online tools available that can help you convert ASIN to UPC. Some options include the ASIN to UPC Conversion Tool by Barcode Lookup, the ASIN to UPC Converter by ASINspector, and the ASIN to UPC Conversion Tool by Helium 10.

Q: Are there any limitations or restrictions to converting ASIN to UPC?

A: Yes, there are limitations and restrictions to converting ASIN to UPC, as not all products are eligible for UPC creation. Additionally, Amazon requires sellers to provide a valid product identifier, such as a UPC, for new listings in certain categories.

Q: Can I use the same UPC for multiple ASINs?

A: No, each product must have a unique UPC. Using the same UPC for multiple products is not allowed and can result in listing errors or penalties.

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February 26, 2024

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