How To Report A Seller On Amazon? Easy Explain

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Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce platform with around 2 million third-party sellers. Well, it’s not so surprising because every seller is not of quality. Many third-party sellers do shady things on Amazon. They list your products without your permission and start selling them before you realize what has happened. Your half of the sales will be gone and your business will be overtaken by these unauthorized sellers. Then you need to report a seller on amazon.

Amazon has strict selling policies that every seller needs to follow when listing products on it. In case any seller violates those policies, both buyer and a seller can file a report on that seller. Therefore, in order to protect your account from these fraudsters, you must learn how to report amazon seller?

Discover Which Policy Has Been Violated

So, before reporting any Amazon seller it is important that first, you determine what policy has been violated. Because you cannot report a seller for disliking a product. You can only report a seller for violating the Amazon selling policies.

Here are some of the seller policies and code of conduct that sellers must

  • Always give the correct information to Amazon and Amazon customers
  • Not misuse Amazon’s features and services
  • Not try to damage or abuse other sellers listing or ratings
  • Not try to influence customers’ ratings, feedback, and reviews
  • Not send unsolicited or inappropriate messages
  • Not try to contact customers in any way other than buyer-selling messages
  • Not try to misuse the Amazon sale process
  • Not attempt to operate more than one sale account without an authorized business need

What Documentation Do You Need To Report A Seller On Amazon ?

Now after you discover the policy that has been violated it’s time to gather documentation of the policy violated.

  • Violation Type

The first point is selecting the violation type. Now there are different types of violations. Many vendors and buyers ask how to report an Amazon listing, an unauthorized seller on Amazon, Amazon sellers for paying for reviews, or fake sellers on Amazon. The answer and the process for reporting all these violation types are the same.

  1. Provide the Order ID, or ASIN/ISBN
  2. Store or business name of the seller that you are reporting
  3. Name of the marketplace in which violation has occurred
  4. A precise explanation of the violation
  5. Other supporting documents like order IDs, related messages, and receipts

How do I report a seller on Amazon?

Now after you know what documents you need it’s time to learn how to report Amazon seller for violating that policy. But before we discuss that there is one common question asked by many people,

How to report a seller on Amazon as a buyer?

Now the process of reporting a seller is the same whether you are a buyer or a seller. So, let’s discuss the process.

Step 1:

Now to report any seller open your seller central account and click on the three stacked lines at the top left.

click on 3 button

Step 2:

Scroll down and click on the “Customer Service” option from the drop-down menu.

customer service

Step 3:

Go to the bottom of the page and click on “Contact Us” under the browse help topics.

contact us

Step 4:

After that, you will be asked whether you want to chat with customer service or want to call on Amazon support number.

Step 5:

If you choose a phone call then you will be redirected to this page asking you what help you need.

Step 6:

Once you are connected, you can report a seller.

When Amazon Report A Seller For Suspicious Activities

So, when does Amazon report a seller for suspicious activities? Fortunately, the E-Commerce platform has a system where suspicious sellers can be reported. It is accessed through the customer service page on the website. A seller can be reported for committing any of the following infringements.

When a product delivered to a buyer does not function properly.
When the delivered product does not match the product descriptions specified on that product’s Amazon listing.
When a seller tries to contact you to obtain your details, such as your credit card information, social security number, etc.

Any sellers displaying such behavior or employing other shady business practices should immediately be reported to through its customer service page. Amazon has a process where such complaints are processed and then reviewed against the available evidence. Sellers caught employing fraudulent practices are banned from Amazon’s platform, and the company reimburses affected customers who successfully prove their case.


Q1. How to report a seller on Amazon UK?

Ans. The process of reporting is the same for all marketplaces

  • Go to report abuse
  • Select the violation type
  • Provide the Order ID or ASIN/ISBN
  • Store or business name of the seller
  • A precise explanation of the violation
  • Othersrs documents (order IDs, related messages, and receipts)
  • Submit

Q2. How to report buyer in Amazon?

Ans. To report a buyer on Amazon follow these steps

  • Go to contact us
  • Select other
  • Select report a violation
  • Enter the appropriate information
  • Submit

Q3. How to report feedback on Amazon seller central?

Ans.  Contacting Amazon to remove the feedback

  • Select account settings
  • Go to orders
  • Click on customer feedback problems
  • Give a concise reason why you want to remove the feedback
  • Submit

Q4. How to report a seller on Amazon for price gouging?

Ans. To report seller for price gouging

  • Click on the link to “Report incorrect product information”
  • Select “Other product details” from the drop-down menu.
  • Select “Price issue”
  • Submit

Q5. How to report an Amazon order not received?

Ans.  Log in to Amazon > Go to help > Browse help topics > Need more help > Contact us.


In the end, I will say that this is a great way to stop unauthorized sellers from overtaking your sales. So, to keep your experience on Amazon safer, happier, and more beneficial, you must report these fake sellers. This will help you to improve the platform environment.

If you still have any questions, feel free to ask. We will be happy to help you.

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