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By now, everyone on planet Earth knows about ChatGPT. It is an AI chatbot, which has revolutionized pretty much every facet of life in a matter of months. As with every other digital field, ChatGPT has had an immense impact on Amazon and E-Commerce. Sellers have been using this smart chatbot to create and optimize their listings, use it for customer support, and countless other functions of Amazon.

With limitless opportunities provided by ChatGPT, it was almost inevitable that app developers will eventually turn their attention towards this chatbot, and use it for all kinds of unexpected purposes, including E-Commerce.

What Is ‘ChatGPT for Amazon?

Enter, a prominent app development company, which has launched a powerful chrome extension titled ‘ChatGPT for Amazon – Shulex VOC’, to further utilize the superhit chatbot’s functionalities for Amazon sellers. This extension provides various facilities to Amazon sellers in several areas such as Review analysis and listing optimization.

How To Access ‘ChatGPT for Amazon?

Here is how you get your hands on this fancy new extension:

chatgpt for amazon shulex voc
  • Click on the top search result in the SERP screen.
ChatGPT for amazon - shulex VOc
  • Select the ‘Add to Chrome’ button on the next screen.
Add to chrome - Shulex VOC
  • Click on ‘Add Extension’ in the dialog box that appears to integrate this extension with Amazon’s website on your device.

Add Extension - Shulex VOC
  • Now open website, and open up any product listing. This extension’s features will be displayed above the product’s title.
Shulex VOC Fesatures Displayes Above

What features does ‘ChatGPT for Amazon’ offer?

Once VOC’s toolkit is successfully integrated with Amazon on your device, you can start using it for your Amazon endeavors. Here is how you can access and utilize the features offered by VOC’s wonderful browser extension.

ChatGPT Review Analysis

Click on the ‘ChatGPT Review Analysis’ option to access this feature. This powerful feature analyses user reviews through its state-of-the-art machine learning and natural language processing techniques, and summarizes that information in several useful ways for sellers. These include:

  • Purchase Motivations

This section tells sellers about the reasons why customers are interested in buying the product.

  • Pros

Lists the aggregate of positive points mentioned by reviewers.

  • Cons

Mentions the negative points regarding the product mentioned in the user reviews.

  • Customer Expectations

Provides an overview of what the customers expect when buying the product.

  • Usage Scenarios

Provides the most-likely use-cases of the product.

  • Customer Profile

This feature provides a profile of the likely customers of the product, why they want to buy the product, what are their expectations from this product, and their user experiences while buying the product.

The Review Analysis feature provides a summarized version of very useful information that informs the seller about their target audience and their expectations. Sellers can utilize this information to improve the shopping experience for their customers, and build a loyal fan-following.

ChatGPT Listing Optimization

This feature analyses the product listing, and all the information provided by the seller. Using machine learning technique, this toolkit is capable of figuring out what kind of bullet points and description would work better to please Amazon’s algorithm, and it will suggest bullet points to the sellers that it believes will rank that listing rank higher.

‘ChatGPT for Amazon’ is not as good at finding high-ranking keywords as some of the more dedicated analytics applications (such as Jungle Scout, Helium 10, Viral Launch and Keepa etc) though. For the optimum listing creation, sellers should analyze the bullet suggestions provided by VOC’s tool, and further optimize those suggestions by embedding high-ranking keywords into them.

ChatGPT Listing Optimization

BSR Ranking

Best Sellers Rank (BSR) is Amazon’s ranking system for sellers, which is used by the E-Commerce giant to separate the best from the rest. When a product in Amazon’s vast inventory has been sold at least once, it is assigned a numerical value known as the Best Sellers Rank (BSR), which is given to almost every item in the catalog. The BSR serves as a reliable metric for gauging a product’s current sales performance on Amazon. A lower BSR indicates that the product is selling better than those with higher BSRs.

‘ChatGPT for Amazon’ shows the product seller’s BSR rank on its interface, clear as daylight. The rank also updates in real-time, so any changes in BSR rank will be flashed immediately.

BSR (best seller rate) Ranking


So, this tool processes user reviews to create helpful data for the sellers. What if the sellers want to see it for themselves what exactly those reviews said in the first place?

The most common way of doing that is watching user reviews on the product listing page itself. But it takes a lot of time in checking those reviews one by one. ‘ChatGPT for Amazon’ makes it easier to see those reviews in bulk, through an excel sheet format. Simply click on the arrow icon right on top of the ‘ChatGPT Review Analysis’ option, and all of the user reviews for that listing will be made available to you on an excel sheet.

These reviews are compiled in a format which is meant for bulk-viewing. Immediately, you can see out dozens of reviews, with their titles, contents, star ratings, and author names, among others.


Full Insights

This feature redirects you to the official website of developer, where you can access many dedicated Amazon-related services offered by the company, including:

  1. Amazon Review Analysis
  2. Competitive Analysis
  3. Sentiment Analysis
  4. Amazon Review Export
  5. Customer Needs
  6. Audience Research
  7. Product Research
full insights


In case if you have a specific query regarding this app, you can directly access a representative of by scanning a QR code through Skype.

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What is ChatGPT for Amazon – Shulex VOC?

ChatGPT for Amazon is the brand-new tool by renowned app developer company This is a browser-integrated tool, which provides useful user data to Amazon sellers, and allows them to optimize their listings in meaningful ways to rank them higher on Amazon.

Does ChatGPT for Amazon analyze all user reviews on an Amazon listing?

Yes. ChatGPT for Amazon analyzes all user reviews on a product listing, and then compiles meaningful data based on those reviews to help Amazon sellers in their business growth.

How does ChatGPT for Amazon collect user data?

ChatGPT for Amazon uses machine learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies to analyze user reviews posted on product listings on, and then provides sellers access to that data to help them optimize their future listings.


Utilizing the latest technological advancements, the newly introduced product aims to aid sellers in obtaining customer insights and refining their marketing strategies. This amazing toolkit from, analyses user reviews through ChatGPT’s algorithm, which is powered by modern advancements in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning technologies.

The resulting data empowers sellers to delve into the depths of customer behavior, sentiment, and preferences, allowing them to pinpoint the perfect keywords, refine product descriptions, and create captivating marketing messages that strike a chord with their audience. With’s Amazon toolkit by their side, sellers are able to create a shopping experience that is tailored to the whims and fancies of their customers.

By gaining a better understanding of their audiences’ requirements and preferences, businesses can enhance the effectiveness of their advertising initiatives, extract more valuable information, and generate higher revenue in the end.

In case if you have any queries regarding Amazon selling, fulfillment process, business strategy, choosing the best management and analytics application for your E-Commerce business, FBA vs FBM, or really anything related to the world of Amazon, feel free to post your queries on Amazon Seller Forum, and let our community of E-Commerce experts help you out.

February 26, 2024

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