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Test Products for Amazon and Get Paid in 2024

Some people wishfully imagine a day when they will be able to get their hands on test products for Amazon and get paid for free to review their quality. 

Well, such a world exists in the form of Amazon Product Testing. 

Amazon product testing is a rewarding and enjoyable pastime that provides eligible testers with an opportunity to try out new products, provide their honest reviews, and be rewarded for that.

If that sounds too good to be true, let’s get into the details so that you can start believing in it yourself.

What Is an Amazon Product Tester?

What Is an Amazon Product Tester?

An Amazon Product Tester is in charge of testing and evaluating items accessible on Amazon, as well as sharing their experiences with these products, to help potential buyers make educated decisions. Amazon Product Testers help to improve the entire buying experience on Amazon by providing insights regarding the quality, functionality, and performance of various products.

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How it works Test Products for Amazon and Get Paid

These Amazon Product Testers receive products for free or at greatly reduced prices in return for honest and unbiased reviews. Testers are expected to use, experience, and completely evaluate the items by particular instructions or criteria supplied by sellers or Amazon. 

They then share their findings and opinions in the form of written reviews, which are frequently posted directly on Amazon product sites. This approach provides consumers with reliable information about the items they are interested in, while Amazon Product Testers obtain access to new and innovative products at a discounted rate.

Does Amazon Allow Product Testers?

Does Amazon Allow Product Testers?

Amazon has particular regulations and procedures in place regarding product testing and reviews. These regulations are intended to protect the platform’s integrity and guarantee that product reviews are legitimate and unbiased. Amazon encourages consumers to offer their honest thoughts, experiences, and feedback about items to assist other shoppers in making educated purchasing decisions.

  • Strict Product Testing Policies

To comply with Amazon’s product testing policy, reviewers should concentrate on offering impartial and honest reviews of the products they test. It is very important to note that Amazon favors reviews that are based on genuine experiences and represent the product’s actual performance and quality.

  • Violators: Beware

Violations of Amazon’s terms of service, particularly when it comes to product testing and reviews, can have substantial repercussions for both reviewers and sellers. Amazon is committed to maintaining confidence and openness in its marketplace, and it has put in place safeguards to prevent fake review activity.

Amazon’s commitment to genuine, unbiased reviews is essential to maintain the credibility of the platform and ensure that customers can rely on product feedback when making their online purchases.

By understanding Amazon’s policy on product testing and reviews, as well as the consequences of violating these policies, both reviewers and sellers can engage in ethical and transparent practices while participating in Amazon’s product testing ecosystem. This commitment to integrity benefits all stakeholders and ultimately serves the best interests of Amazon customers.

How Can You Get into Amazon Product Testing?

How Can You Get into Amazon Product Testing?

There are many ways of getting into Amazon Product Testing. Let us take a look at all of them:

  • Amazon Vine

The Amazon Vine program is the most sought-after product testing option provided by Amazon itself. Unlike other product testing platforms, Amazon Vine is exclusively accessible via invitation. Amazon handpicks Vine reviewers, making it a very exclusive group for those who have proved a commitment to giving great reviews.

As an Amazon Vine reviewer (known as a ‘Vine Voice’), you can receive free products, including new and pre-release items, in return for sharing your own experiences with Amazon products. It is important to remember, however, that Amazon cherishes genuine, unbiased reviews. Vine Voices is not required to submit favorable feedback. Amazon, on the other hand, welcomes honest, constructive feedback that assists other consumers in making educated purchase decisions.

The benefits of being an Amazon Vine reviewer are obvious: you get to try out the latest products, improve your reviewing skills, and enhance your reputation as a trusted reviewer on the platform. 

Also, your reviews as a Vine Voice receive special badges, such as “Vine Customer Review of Free Product” or “Vine Voice,” distinguishing them from regular reviews. This recognition can lead to increased visibility and credibility in the Amazon community.

How do I become an Amazon Vine Reviewer?

As you might’ve guessed, earning the right to try out cool products and being paid for it is a highly sought-after and very competitive process. Amazon continually monitors reviewer activity and platform contributions. To increase your chances of getting invited to join the Amazon Vine program, take the following steps:

  • Write High-Quality Reviews: Concentrate on writing informative, intelligent, and helpful reviews for Amazon purchases. The quality of your reviews is an important consideration in Amazon’s selection process.
  • Diversify Review Categories: Expand the product categories you examine to demonstrate your adaptability and breadth of expertise as a reviewer. This increases your chances of being seen by Amazon.
  • Consistency and promptness: Post reviews regularly and as soon as you receive the items. Amazon appreciates reviewers who are dependable and punctual.
  • Maintain a High Reviewer Rank: Your Amazon reviewer rank reflects your total contributions and reputation as a reviewer. Aim for and keep a high rating by continuously providing helpful reviews.
  • Keep an Eye on Your Email: Vine invites are often sent by email from Amazon. It’s critical to check your email frequently, including your spam folder, to ensure you don’t miss out on an invitation if you qualify.

While Amazon cannot promise that you will be invited to join the Amazon Vine program, these activities can boost your chances of being recognized as a high-quality reviewer, which may lead to an exclusive invitation to become an Amazon Vine Voice.

Amazon Review Sites

Amazon Review Sites

There are other third-party Amazon Review Trader Sites that have grown in popularity as platforms that link product testers with Amazon sellers. These websites provide an alternate method for people to obtain free or highly discounted products in return for honest and unbiased reviews. Here are some of the most popular Amazon Review sites:

  1. Vipon
  2. DealGoGoGo
  3. Snagshout
  4. Rebaid
  5. iReviewHome

How Amazon Review Trader Sites Operate:

Amazon Review Trader Sites work like online marketplaces, where sellers can post their products for review. The process is simple:

  • Potential product testers can browse the product listings, choose items of interest, and request that they be reviewed. 
  • The product is mailed to the tester’s address once the seller has approved it. 
  • After evaluating the product, the reviewer is asked to write an honest review on Amazon about their experience.

Key Differences from Amazon Vine:

Amazon Vine is an invite-only program that Amazon runs directly, whereas Amazon Review Trader Sites are third-party sites. Here are some key differences between them:

  • Accessibility: Amazon Vine is exclusive and invite-only, whereas Amazon Review Trader Sites are typically available to a larger variety of participants. Individuals will find it simpler to discover chances to evaluate items as a result of this.
  • Product Selection: Amazon Review Trader Sites frequently provide a wide range of items from many vendors, including both well-known names and younger businesses. Amazon Vine may prioritize pre-release or recently released goods.
  • Accountability: Because Amazon Review Trader Sites are not directly controlled by Amazon, they may be more vulnerable to fraudulent activities. However, many of these platforms have their own set of norms and rules in place to ensure their integrity.
  • Flexibility: Amazon Review Trader Sites lets reviewers choose things according to their tastes, whereas Amazon Vine assigns products to reviewers based on a variety of characteristics.

What Is the Money Like for Amazon Product Testing?

What Is the Money Like for Amazon Product Testing?

Amazon product testers are frequently compensated with free or heavily discounted products. These items are provided to testers by sellers or manufacturers in return for their time and opinions. While monetary reward is not often used in product testing, compensation is provided in the form of physical products.

Earnings potential for Amazon product testers might vary greatly. The value of the products received for testing might range from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars for more costly items. The particular value of the items you review is determined by the program or opportunity in which you participate as well as the type of products being given.

A recent report has estimated that US-based Amazon Product Testers make a whopping $97,000 a year. However, these numbers are only for the experienced and in-demand reviewers. Reviewers farther down the product testing food chain are most likely not that lucky. Moreover, these numbers also do not reflect the intermittent and unreliable nature of the Product Testing side hustle, which does not guarantee a solid income like most day jobs do. 

Long story short, while product testing can provide great benefits, it is very important to understand that it is not a reliable or substantial source of income. So, don’t try to quit your 9-5 just because you have been invited by Amazon to review one of their products. 

Do Reviews Help Sellers?

Consumers rely heavily on the experiences of prior shoppers to figure out a product’s quality. 

  • Learning from the Experiences of Other

According to recent surveys, more than 90% of buyers routinely or at least occasionally check for internet reviews before making a purchase. This statistic shows that customer reviews are extremely important in the world of online business, and Amazon is no different. 

  • Power of Positive Reviews

Positive reviews influence the decisions of future purchasers. When a product has a large number of good reviews, it indicates to consumers that the product has been tested and appreciated by others. This sense of approval can enhance a seller’s reputation and sales dramatically. This in turn causes Amazon’s algorithm to rank those products higher in its search results, causing more and more consumers to buy that product.

  • Negative Reviews Aren’t Always Bad

While negative reviews sound bad for a product’s reputation, and they are, they aren’t all bad either. Surprisingly, negative reviews might increase customer trust. A product with exclusively favorable ratings can raise suspicions of fake or paid reviews among consumers, but a product with a mix of positive and constructive negative feedback will appear more genuine.


Becoming an Amazon Product Tester is more than simply getting free or discounted items; it’s also an opportunity to positively affect the marketplace. Your candid comments as a tester might influence the purchasing decisions of countless online buyers, assisting them in discovering high-quality items and avoiding potential traps. It’s a chance to give back to the community while also reaping the benefits of experiencing new things.

Furthermore, for individuals wishing to supplement their income or learn about intriguing new items, this side hustle can be quite fulfilling. While monetary compensation is not always assured, the value of the items received, the possibility of becoming a trusted reviewer, and the ability to become an influencer are all significant incentives in their own right.

Amazon Product Testing is a great side hustle if you are good at testing and reviewing different products. To learn more about such programs, keep visiting the Amazon Seller Forum


Do Amazon product testers get paid?

Amazon product testers may or may not be compensated, depending on the program or opportunity in which they participate. Several product testing organizations provide free or highly discounted merchandise to product testers, and they are frequently permitted to retain the products received as compensation. However, not all programs provide monetary rewards for product testing. 

How to get a job as an Amazon product tester?

You can become an Amazon product tester by following these steps:

  • Create an Amazon account
  • Build a strong profile
  • Join Amazon Vine
  • Apply for product testing programs
  • Participate in Amazon’s Early Reviewer Program
  • Engage with the Amazon community

This is all you can do. You have to wait patiently and hope for Amazon to reach out to you to review one of their products.

What does an Amazon product tester do?

An Amazon product tester is in charge of analyzing and providing feedback on Amazon-sold items. Their primary responsibilities include:

  • Testing products
  • Providing feedback
  • Writing reviews
  • Following guidelines
  • Communicating with sellers
  • Maintaining professionalism

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