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What Does Amazon Choice Means And How To Get It

You’ve probably seen different badges next to Amazon listings if you buy or sell products on Amazon.

The Amazon Choice badge is an indicator of quality on the website, but many people still don’t know its significance. This post will explore the Amazon Choice badge: what does amazon choice means and how to earn it for your products.

What Does Amazon Choice Means?

What Does Amazon Choice Means?

The Amazon Choice is a digital badge provided to Amazon products that dominate a specific search keyword based on the rate of purchases. The symbol is shown on the app’s user interface, in the upper left corner of the product feature image, and directly below the product title on the listing page.

History Of The Amazon Choice Badge

History Of The Amazon Choice Badge

Amazon introduced the Amazon Choice Badge in 2015 to speed up the shopping process. However, it was only available for the Amazon Echo Dot. Speaking a query into the search engine would cause Amazon to immediately list its own products at the top of the results.

To improve the user experience across the board, this feature is now available in other Amazon programs. Neither the waiting list for consideration nor the program is currently open to sellers.

Amazon’s Choice Vs. Best Seller

Amazon's Choice Vs. Best Seller

While people often mistakenly believe they are the same, Amazon’s Choice and Best Seller are two different labels. Understanding the differences between the two is crucial. A product is given the Amazon Choice label if it most closely matches the desired keyword. Products are given the Amazon best seller badge if they consistently sell the most units in their category.

As a result, whereas overall sales largely select Amazon Best Seller, Amazon Choice is largely determined by SEO. You can observe the distinction in action when looking for certain categories on Amazon. You can see various products chosen for Amazon Choice and Best Seller in the example search for “trash can” below.

Although the number of best-selling products is determined by the total number of categories in Amazon’s catalog, there is no upper limit to the number of products that can be Amazon’s Choice. Customers can employ an infinite number of keywords, and each one has the potential to highlight a Choice product. Similarly, an Amazon listing may have one Best Seller badge and any number of Amazon Choice badges shown simultaneously.

How to Get Amazon Choice Badge On Your Listings?

How to Get Amazon Choice Badge On Your Listings?

Now that you know how Amazon Choice functions, you might wonder how to earn the Amazon Choice badge. The best-choice products share the trait of being given by strong all-around sellers, which is why they are the best choice, even if Amazon does not provide specific instructions on how to earn the badge.

There is no other option if you want your products to be Amazon Choice items except to excel as an Amazon seller. Here are some tips if you want to improve your chances of having your products receive the Amazon Choice label.

Optimize Your Product Listings

optimize your product listing

The badge largely relied on good keyphrases and things that matched extremely specialized keyword searches because it initially started as a technique to streamline voice searches. Consider the distinction between “nail cutters” and “nail clippers.” Both phrases have similar meanings, but only one will produce an Amazon’s Choice product. It’s the ideal moment to learn keyword research if you’ve lagged.

Improve Your Customer Rating

improve your customer rating

Once your metrics improve, you will be eligible for a badge. By vouching for certain products, Amazon is ensuring its buyers that fewer things will go wrong with their purchase. A good seller rating reflects this if you’re a bestseller for your product or have a lower return rate than competing products; congratulations! You’re doing great.

Get A High Seller Rating  

Get A High Seller Rating  

Reliable customer reviews on your listings are key, as Amazon does not support sellers that don’t have a strong track record of providing excellent customer service. Good reviews from buyers indicate that sellers provide quality service. Amazon is more likely to give the Amazon Choice badge to sellers with a long, good history of seller reviews. The return rate, whether things are delivered on time, and how quickly the seller reacts to consumer concerns are just a few elements that determine a seller’s rating.

Maintaining A Competitive Price

When you hover over the Amazon’s Choice Badge, the phrase “well-priced products” is also included in the motto. This definition is ambiguous because what constitutes a well-priced product? We know that prices fluctuate frequently, so how can you tell when something is “well-priced”?

You can’t because pricing is dynamic and continually changing, which is the short answer. However, you improve your chances if you utilize a good reprice and have clear regulations.

Is Amazon Choice Badge Reliable?

Many customers regard the Amazon’s Choice badge as the company’s endorsement and believe in it. It can be useful when making purchases, particularly if you are unsure of a product. However, it’s crucial to remember that the badge isn’t necessarily a sign of the greatest product on the market.

Important FAQs

What Is Amazon Choice Vs Best Seller?

Products that closely match the target keyword are awarded the Amazon Choice badge. The products with the highest sales volume in their category over an extended period are awarded the Amazon Best Seller badge.

How To Find Your Amazon Reviews?

To find your Amazon reviews, go to and type in your product name. Then, scroll down to the “Product Details” section and look for the “Customer Reviews” link. Click on this link to be taken to your reviews.

How To Get Amazon Choice Badge?

There is no certain way to get the Amazon Choice badge. The algorithm used by Amazon to award the badge is a closely guarded secret. However, if you read the details provided in this blog, you can surely get the Amazon Choice Badge.

How To Get More Feedback On Amazon?

Providing excellent customer service is the best way to get more feedback on Amazon. You can also use Amazon marketing services to promote your products and encourage customers to leave feedback.

How To Become An Amazon Fresh Vendor?

If you’re interested in becoming an Amazon Fresh vendor, you can contact Amazon and request more information.


The Amazon Choice badge tells customers that your product is a good choice, giving you a sales boost. It can be beneficial for your products to have the Amazon Choice badge. In this post, we will explore how to find the right keywords, follow tips to improvise, and see if you can get your hands on the badge.

February 22, 2024

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