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What Is Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing)

Amazon KDP has taken the publishing world to another level. The book authors can now publish their write-ups by only clicking upon the button to post their items. What does kdp stands for? kdp stands for (kindle direct publishing).

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing has made the process of book publishing easier than ever. Millions of authors and online writers can now publish their content on this incredibly created platform that has a worldwide reach audience. 

What Is Amazon KDP, And How Does It Work?

what is amazon kdp and how does it work

Kindle Direct Publishing is a book publishing platform of Amazon that is used to self-publish a book online. Through KDP, readers can directly purchase the eBook or get it printed on demand. 

Amazon kindle direct publishing is one of the most renowned self-publishing companies currently dominating the self-book publishing market.

Thanks to Amazon for launching KDP in the year 2007. This made it easier for modern writers to publish their books through Amazon KDP. 

For instance, writers of every discipline have now enjoyed a good combustion in career flexibility due to the increase in online writing jobs. This explosion has increased the publishing of print books, self-publishing, and other e-books.

How Do Authors Publish Their Books By Using KDP?

Amazon KDP is amazing tool that authors use to publish their write-ups online. Publishing your work on kindle publishing makes it accessible on KDP to the users of Amazon. 

KDP consist of different features like sales tracking quality, free file conversion, and additional tools that help the authors type special format types of books like children’s book or textbooks.

KDP’s publishing platform is accessible and easy to use. Once you done kindle direct publishing sign in, you are greeted with the cue to form a New Title. 

But before you start publishing an entirely new title, make sure that everything is on point. Things you will need while publishing your book include the following.

  1. The title of your book, the subtitle if applicable, the author’s name if necessary, the series name if required, and the name that you want to get published on the write-up are the important things on amazon kindle publishing.
  2. The description of your book matters. You will need a marketing-optimized description for your book.
  3. The text of your book is the most significant thing to look for before publishing the item.
  4. Looking for the keywords and categories you want to use in your book is something to check first.
  5. The book cover is another necessary thing.
  6. The price of your book or the price you want to receive for your book is an important feature.

After submitting the details mentioned above, you need to push the “Publish” button, and your newly formed eBook will be easily accessible to the readers of KDP.

What Are KDP Select And Kindle Unlimited? The Thing You Need To Know About KDP Select

what are kdp select and kindle unlimited

Once you have published your eBook into Amazon KDP, you can enroll it into the KDP select. Now you must be thinking that what is KDP select? So, KDP Select is a program that enterprise a variety of tools to its engaging authors. 

However, to enroll your title, you must go to your KDP’s Bookshelf and then choose the option of ellipses, i.e. (…) to the right of your feature. The fourth option there is listed as KDP Select Info.

The things that are necessary to know before deciding to enroll are the following:

  • Enrolling your title in KDP Select allows you to earn high royalties, access a great audience, and look for more book sales.
  • The enrolment of your eBook makes it easily available on KDP amazon. This also means that it cannot be accessible for sale on retail platforms like Kobo, Nook, and Apple.
  • The books enrolled in KDP Select can also be accessible to the readers through Kindle unlimited.

How To Sell On Amazon KDP?

how to sell on amazon kdp

Amazon KDP can now provide the cheapest yet easiest way to earn passive income. Through Amazon KDP, you get numerous selling opportunities for sellers and authors already selling physical products on Amazon. 

Amazon KDP provides you with a platform to sell textbooks, children’s books, and other genres. Here are the steps to help you sell your books on Amazon and earn money.

  • It would help if you decided on a profitable niche to sell a book on Amazon KDP. Books of different places like romance, suspense, thriller, and fiction are commonly used for selling.
  • You must source your inventory if you sell the books on Amazon. Just look for a good source. 
  • What is a KDP account? To sell your books through Amazon KDP, you need to create an Amazon KDP account which will help you publish your books and sell them easily.
  • Book listing is a significant way to sell your books fast on Amazon KDP.
  • Pricing your book at a reasonable cost will also help you sell your book fast. 
  • Through Amazon KDP, you can earn more money easily by simply marketing and advertising your eBooks on Amazon and the advertsing cost of tha KDP is the minimum for sponsored products is $1 per day; Product Display Ads have a minimum set of $100.

How Do I Succeed In Amazon KDP?

how do i succeed in amazon kdp

Like every other thing, amazon KDP publishing requires much effort and hard work to succeed in the field. You must thoroughly research and provide a good keyword according to your desired niche. This is an excellent marketing strategy to get your book on the front line for the audience.

Is Kindle Direct Publishing A Good Idea?

is kindle direct publishing a good idea

Is kindle direct publishing worth it? Yes, Selling books on Amazon KDP is an amazing idea. The company generates over $3 billion in sales of books every year.

Amazon KDP owns about 68% of the eBooks market share and pays millions monthly to book publishers. So, it is an incredible way to generate high revenue in just a few sales.

What Are The Benefits Of Amazon KDP?

what are the benefits of kdp

Looking for the benefits of KDP book publishing? I am sure you are at the right site if you are looking for help publishing your book through Amazon KDP. Following are the advantages of Amazon KDP, so let us explore.

  • You can publish unlimited books through KDP:

While creating one account on Amazon KDP, you can publish as many books as possible. What is a KDP account? So, a Kindle Direct Publishing account on Amazon helps you print as many books as possible. It depends on your capability and how many books you can write for KDP.

  • You can publish paperback books and eBooks:

Publishing with KDP has made it easier for authors to publish kindle eBooks or even paperback books. If you opt for a paperback book, Amazon will aid you by printing that book and shipping it out to your customer. 

  • There is no upfront cost or revenue share:

On Amazon KDP, listing your eBooks is a free feature that you can avail of. Depending on the royalties you have added to your eBook file, you need to split that revenue with Amazon. 

  • You can sell your books worldwide:

How to increse sales on Amazon KDP? One of the incredible features of publishing your eBook on Amazon KDP is that you may have access to a million Kindle audience. Amazon is a global marketplace and helps you sell your books even faster.

  • You will have a sales rank on the Kindle store:

Oh yes, that’s great news for Kindle users. You may now have the opportunity to get a sales rank as per the sales you have made upon your eBook.

How Long Does It Take Amazon KDP To Get Your Ebook Published?

how long does it take amazon kdp to get your ebook publishing

Publishing your book on Amazon KDP will take a little time; however, it gets published easily. After about 72 hours of waiting, the title of your eBook gets reviewed and published. This period is for high-quality books. However, low-content-quality books take about 10 days or more to get posted on KDP publishing.

Following is the type of content that you can publish on Amazon. Which includes;

  • Content related to children or the children’s eBook.
  • Fiction or non-fiction novels.
  • Food recipe books or other cookbooks.
  • Poetry and comic books.
  • Textbooks for educational purposes.
  • Journals and other write-ups.
  • Series of books.

Kindle Direct Publishing Niche Research Extension

This is a chrome extension which helps users optimize their Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) listing in a way which appeals to Amazon’s A9 algorithm, so that the listing is displayed in top results whenever a user searches for a relevant product.

Finding and installing this extension on Google Chrome is very easy. Simply follow these steps:

  • Open website, and write “Kindle Direct Publishing Niche Research Extension” in the search bar.
Open in and search kindle niche research chrome extension
  • Select the top-most result that appears in the SERP screen.
kindle direct publishing niche research extension
  • In the next screen, click on the “Add to Chrome” button displayed at the right side of the screen.
Add to chrome, kindle direct publishing chrome extension
  • Confirm this action by selecting “Add Extension” in the confirmation dialogue box.
add kindle direct publishing chrome extension
  • Select the extension from the top-right extension bar.
select the extension from the top right extension bar and pin it
  • Turn on the extension by selecting “ON” from the next confirmation screen.
turn on the extension by selecting on tap


With Amazon KDP, you get to publish the books of your choice. Whether it’s a fiction or a non-fiction book or any other related to romance and comics, you can get it published easily on KDP.

If you are an author or a freelance writer, there is no need to get worried now. You need to go and sign up for your Amazon KDP account. It is a one-time effort that makes good revenue for you. So, don’t be late; go and create an account for yourself and start publishing your write-up through Kindle Direct Publishing.

Note: If you have any questions about Amazon selling, or any other related subjects, feel free to ask on Amazon Seller Forum. Our team of E-Commerce experts is ready to help you find the solutions you require.

February 22, 2024

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