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What Is Merch By Amazon & How Does It Work

Undoubtedly, Amazon offers many opportunities to e-commerce sellers to sell products on their platform. And if we talk about one of the best things, then it is a clothing printing service, Merch by Amazon. Suppose Merch by Amazon is one of the best options for initiating an online business.

Let’s talk more in detail regarding Merch by Amazon, how it gets started and how you can use it to your advantage. 

Merch by Amazon 

merch by amazon

It is a print-on-demand service that allows anyone to sell their artwork without investment. Believe it or not, it is one of the easiest and simplest ways to make money with Amazon. The platform has made print-on-demand clothing easier and, of course, cheaper than ever. Sellers are required to submit the design, choose colours, and set the desired price, and then Amazon will take care of the rest of the things.

There would be no inventory carrying costs, requiring manufacturing investment. Even you are not required to request an invitation to Regarding Merch by Amazon service is available for everyone willing to run a successful online business. 

When it comes to the history of Amazon Merch, this print-on-demand program was released in 2Tonally and designed as a great platform for game developers. 

 How to Join or Signup Merch by Amazon?

how to join or sign up for merch by amazon

If you have to join Merch Amazon, you must follow an invite-only system. All you need is to apply for an invitation before uploading your t-shirt or clothing designs. Deliver all the required necessary information and wait for the approval. Remember, the invitation process takes as long as three to four months. So, try to be patient and wait for your request’s approval. n

The Signup process for Merch by Amazon 

the signup process for merch by amazon

Follow these steps to get approved by Amazon

Step No: 1 Submit Business Information 

  • Amazon asks for a few things. 
  • Your business contact information 
  • Personal information 
  • Tax identification numbers
  • Social security, routing number, and bank account details

Step No: 2 Invitation Request 

After you submit the required information, all that’s left to do is wait for your Amazon invitation. Usually, it takes about three or four months to receive an email from them.

Step No: 3 Login To Your Amazon Account 

Click on Merch on Amazon’s signup page. Be it your buyers’ account or seller account that you have created for Merch by Amazon. 

Step No: 4 Start An Application

Next, go to the “begin application” option to fill up all the required information. For instance, fill up your address, business or email address, contact number, company profile, banking information, and country name.

Step No: 5 Tax Questionnaire

Fill up the tax questionnaire 

Step No: 6 Finish The Request Invitation Form 

You must add details like your website name, industry type, organisation name, and other additional data and information.

In the additional details, you have to add all the information that makes you stand out in the crowd. For instance, add print-on-demand or website designs that you have previously done. Remember to provide all the information to ensure your application is selected.

And in the last, select the “Send Request” option and wait till it approves your request.

How To Get Started Merch By Amazon?

Once your request has been approved, you are allowed to upload your designs. 

  • Upload your artwork as a PNG file 

To start the process, you can upload 25 graphic designs. However, follow the artwork guidelines and ensure that all your plans are up to Amazon’s content policies.

Specific Guidelines

  • The design file should not be larger than 25MB. 
  • Make use of standard RBG colour space.
  • Try to follow all the artwork tips and product specifications to upload the files smoothly to the portal. Be sure your customers will view authentic and high-quality products according to their requirements.
  • Choose colours 

Select the colours that you want to print and the product type.

Well, there are a lot of products available for sale. For instance, long sleeve t-shirts, sweatshirts, pullovers, hoodies, tank tops, tote bags, phone cases, PopSockets, throw pillows, etc.

Amazon continues to add more products for printed merchandise. And you can see a wide range of products soon in the future. 

  • Simple and Descriptive title 

Make sure to write a description with keyword density. And once you have done all the required things, Amazon will work on product listing so that potential customers attract or buy your products.

  • Create a set price 

Set the desired rates for your designed products and hit the publish button to get your work published for the public.

Moreover, Amazon will display your product on the website so customers can view the search results.

  • Earn royalty 

Once someone orders your product, Amazon will do the rest of the work. Like the item will be printed, packed, or shipped to the customer. And lastly, you can earn a royalty for your purchased item.

How to Generate revenue with Merch by Amazon?

how to generate revenue with merch by amazon

Tips to Consider

These essential tips will help attract a target audience and generate high revenue. To gain real selling power, you’ve got to make long- and short-term plans to help you meet bigger sales goals.

Keep An Eye On Trending Designs

It’s crucial to keep your designs fresh and creative. Yes, this would be helpful to stand out and attract the target audience. You can look out for industry trends by following social media platforms. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms will give you unique and creative concepts regarding trending topics that you can implement in your design creations.

Analyse How Your Designs Work

You are allowed to start with at least ten submissions. In this way, you can track the performance of your designs. Yes, you can analyse which plan works best and generate revenue. Try to check if any uploading designs need to perform better. If you see something is going wrong, you can replace it with a more unique and creative design idea.

Recognize The Target Market 

Since the Amazon platform caters to a wide range of customers with different preferences, it is crucial to narrow down your target market. Try to use your clothing designs to a target niche. For instance, t-shirts for those who love fishing and pop sockets for beauty influencers. 

Create An Online Presence

There must be more than just a simple, brand-focused, and intuitive website. Establishing an online presence requires social media marketing and several other ways. For example, post relevant content and videos to make your brand more visible to customers.

Advertise Or Promote Your Products 

Well! It would be great to showcase your product designs so your customers can easily explore or make an order. Pinning on Pinterest, posting in relevant Facebook groups and many other social media platforms give you the advantage of generating more sales. Furthermore, use sponsored ads to create customer attraction and visibility on the Amazon platform.

Well, featuring or structuring your ad campaigns enables you to bid for targeted keywords and present them at the top of search results pages.

Merch by Amazon review.

merch by amazon review

Here is the Merch by Amazon login link.

Merch by Amazon Reddit discussion.


How Do You Make Money On Amazon Merch?

You can make money on Amazon Merch by creating designs for apparel and selling them to customers through the platform. You can earn a royalty for each item sold when someone purchases your plan.

Is It Worth Starting Merch By Amazon?

Yes, it is worth starting Merch by Amazon. You can reach a large audience and generate sales with only your design ideas. You don’t need to worry about the manufacturing process because Amazon will do the rest of the work for you. Furthermore, they give you insights into how customers respond to your designs so you can make the necessary changes to generate more revenue.

What Is The Best Way To Generate Revenue With Merch By Amazon?

The best way to generate revenue with Merch by Amazon is to keep an eye on trending designs, analyse how your plans are working, recognise the target market, create an online presence, and advertise or promote your products.

Also, ensure you optimise your product listings and create quality content that resonates with customers. Additionally, track and monitor the performance of your ads so you can make necessary adjustments to maximise revenue. By following these tips, you’ll be able to generate more sales and revenue on Amazon Merch.

What Percentages Does Merch By Amazon Pay Out?

Merch by Amazon pays out a royalty of 15-20% per item sold, depending on the product and its price point. They also offer bonus royalties for performance and exclusive designs. To earn higher royalties, you must create unique, high-quality designs that attract customers. Furthermore, make sure your product listings are optimised with relevant keywords.

How Much Does It Cost To Use Amazon Merch?

It doesn’t cost anything to use Merch by Amazon. To get started, you need to create an account, upload your designs, and then wait for the procedure to be approved. Once your plan is approved, Amazon will take over and handle the rest of the process. Furthermore, they charge a royalty fee of 15-20% per item sold. However, you may incur some costs for advertising or promotional activities.

What Is The Best Way To Optimize Product Listings On Amazon Merch?

The best way to optimise your product listings on Amazon Merch is to use relevant keywords in your titles and descriptions. You can also include a unique selling point in the report to highlight what makes your product stand out from the competition. Also, ensure high-quality images that accurately show off your product. Finally, ensure all your listings are filled with accurate information, such as size and colour options. The optimised listing enables customers to find your designs easily, resulting in more sales and revenue.


According to e-commerce experts, Merch by Amazon can do wonders in the e-commerce business. However, follow the tips, and you will see how Merch by Amazon can be a source of maximum productivity or profitability. Yes, of course; who knows, your unique designs will be the next hit on Amazon’s platform.

February 22, 2024

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